These Walls Cant Hold Me Back

Drummer. Artist. Student.

My band is in 9th place in the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands for Mass

I can’t fucking believe that I have a decent chance of playing with The fucking Chariot,┬áletlive, Stick To Your Guns, Texas In July (again), August Burns Red, Architects, and Volumes. Am I fucking dreaming or something??

My band Anderson Lane is in the running to play Warped Tour this summer!

We are sooooooooo fucking close to being in the top ten so if you could please please PLEASE go vote for us here and play some of our music and maybe even give us a tag on facebook and a tweet on twitter it would mean so fucking much to me! This has been one of my biggest dreams my entire life so if you guys can help me out it would mean so fucking much! I love you all that help us out!

Band pictures through the years MMVIII//MMXII

Summer Breakdown 2011 w/ Vanna, Lions Lions, Our Last Night, Texas In July, and tons others.

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